All Charity Festival

The registration form is attached below: Charitable organizations that will be participating at the All Charity Festival will be charged $50 non-refundable administration fees. As an organization, you will be required to bring your own tent, tables and chairs; you will also be responsible for the set-up and take down of your tents, tables and chairs and any other belongings. Overnight security will be provided to you at no cost. You have the opportunity to have 5 minute speaking opportunity at the podium. Application forms are being received on a first come first serve basis. Reserve your spot to ensure your participation. Payments can be made through our website:

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Participants voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the All Charity festival event.

  • I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished videos, photographs, advertising copy, or printed matter that may be used in conjunction there with or to the eventual use that might be applied. I have read the foregoing photographic release and authorization, before participating and warrant that I fully understand the contents thereof

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All Charity Festival