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Our mission

The world is becoming smaller and tightly interconnected. Our mission is to create awareness about charities/NGOs works and create a space for the public to connect with causes that are dear to their hearts. 

Our goal is to allow the public to engage in a one-on-one conversation with charitable organizations so that they can have greater awareness and understanding about NGO’s/Charities’ mission and purpose.

Our vision is to form a harmonious space for philanthropy to collaborate, connect and share values. Promote diversity, embrace multiculturalism and Canadian heritage through art and music.

It is our privilege to gather charities together and work as a united body to solve community issues through the matrix of our families, communities, and the world. AJIWO charity # 81680 7291RR0001 is organizing this event to create public awareness about our work. In doing so, we invite various organizations to join us at the festival and educate the public about their work as well.


Why Participate

For charities
We hope charities get the opportunity to network with other charities and also have a direct connection with stakeholders. According to our survey, almost 90% of the individuals we interviewed confessed that if they had a chance to have a direct interaction with charities, network and ask questions, they will be more likely to increase their donations and feel at peace knowing where their money goes to.


For the public
“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” ? Amy Wilson-Carmichael
This event is simply a charitable moment for you to give back and have one on one interaction with charities that you care about. It is a moment for you to bring your family and teach your children about the art of giving back. It is also a valuable time for you to network, make new friends, find volunteer opportunities with both local and international organizations . It caters for a great family outing. Your presence in the festival in itself is charitable .







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Services Overview

By participating in our festival you are making the ultimate commitment to your cause, the betterment of this world for the benefit of the less fortunate of our society

  • Access to qualified sponsors.
  • Exposure to the public
  • A common voice

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