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All Charity Festival Toronto July 2019, Event place to be announced

(A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal - Steve Maraboli)

Show you care On July 13th and 14th-, 2019 ,Toronto

Join us and experience how charities are changing lives.

All charity festival (ACF) is a common-place where all Charitable and non-profit organizations come together to showcase their work and connect with the community. The festival is a charitable moment to connect with the community, network and ignite giving to various causes. It is also a place where individuals get to discover/ learn about charitable organizations that could be helpful in times of dire need.

At the All Charity festival, charities and non-profit organizations get the opportunity to display their work, connect with the public, recruit supporters, volunteers and stimulate funding while celebrating with great supporting artists and public speakers who have taken humanitarian work close to their hearts. Participating charitable organizations get a 5 minutes slot to address the public at the podium informing the audience about their organization and the services that they provide to the community and probably how their organization would like to be engaged with likeminded individuals.

The ACF festival is open and welcomes various organizations offering different campaigns to participate. Such organizations could be involved in cure for Cancer, Autism, girls/women rights, LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS, animal rights, kids right, environmental awareness, acts against bullying, hunger and many more. Any organization willing to participate will need to fill out the registration form located at the “Registration tab”.

A helping hand goes beyond what it can hold


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Services Overview

By participating in our festival you are making the ultimate commitment to your cause, the betterment of this world for the benefit of the less fortunate of our society

  • Access to qualified sponsors.
  • Exposure to the public
  • A common voice

Contact us

TEL 647-572-3219
E-mail: info@allcharityfestival.org

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