About All Charity Festival

The world is becoming smaller and tightly interconnected. All Charity Festival is bringing communities to a new level of global interraction where Charities/NGOs from around the globe gather together to show case their work and connect with the public.

All Charity Festival is recognised by both the provincial and the federal government. The activities of the All Charity Festival falls under African girls education fund CHARITY # 81680 7291RR0001. We invite various organizations to join us and educate the public about various causes. 

It is our privilege to gather charities together and work as a united body to solve world issues through the matrix of our families, communities, and the globe .




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Services Overview

By participating in our festival you are making the ultimate commitment to your cause, the betterment of this world for the benefit of the less fortunate of our society

  • Access to qualified sponsors.
  • Exposure to the public
  • A common voice

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All Charity Festival

TEL 647-572-3219
E-mail: info@allcharityfestival.org